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May 23, 2011

Google and their pursuit of Relevance

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When Google was started on the Standford University by Sergey Brin and Larry Page they took a novel approach as to how a search engine worked. All the other organic search engines before Google were created by Geeks and therefore you had to think like a Geek to find anything. Sergey and Larry made their search engine, even though they are Geeks, work for how you and I would search. This is the begginning of relevance. This has been their strategy from the begginning and it is the same with their algorithm team today.

The internet is constantly changing and evolving. Instead of consumers adapting to search engines the later are now reacting to you and your searching habits. Five years ago I notice a move by Google in response to consumers searching habits. To accommodate for sthe paradigm shift they have been tracking everything you do associated with their search engine. This is not done with cookies but with your IP address and your computers serial number. Everytime you make a search and click on one of the results they remember it and it goes into the database of you. This information include websites that you have gone to from there SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), topics that you search for, websites you have visited from their SERPs and then what pages you visited in the site you went to. To illustrate search your favorite topic  and click from the SERPs several times and eventually Google will remove the site you have gone to from the results. The reason for this is they have seen you go to that web page several times but you continue to search the same thing so why give you in the results something that you have already seen and went to. Additionally if you and several others across the US search the exact same keyword phrase in Google all of you will get different results which is all due to relevance.

On the other hand this has serious implications for web designers and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals. Google does the exact same thing to a website, that is indexed with them, to determine their relevance , or page rank, score. They watch what type of consumer comes to your website and where they go  into to it. This can be very difficult for Google to do if your site is not registered with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.  Google Analytics  allow you to put tracking codes in your website so they can get statistic on the site and give you statistics back. Additionally this allows them to use this information to give the searcher more relevant results. Additionally Google Webmaster Tools allows you to do other things such as giving an xml sitemap. This code, that you put into your website, from here does essentially the same thing as Google Analytics.

If you are an SEO professional this has huge implications. For your website to show up in their SERPs these tracking devices are very important to have in your website. The simple reason for this is you want your site to be very easy when it comes to Google tracking it in order to show up high in their results. So all this tracking by Google helps them to create a relevance score for the website which goes into their algorithm and aides the search engine to give you relevant results based on your searching habits.

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