Below is a Sample of their Web Sites


Cedar Park Construction

Austin Drain Cleaning

Austin Sewer Cleaning

Cedar Park Electrical

Georgetown HVAC

Austin Air Conditioning

Historic Restorations Austin

Also search these in Google, Yahoo and Msn and see the positioning they have under the keywords listed above. Much market research went into determining what surfers use to find these types of services.

HHCC Inc of Austin Texas

May 8, 2009

To Those who have an interest in Internet Marketing,

Alex Gilmore, of Internet Domination Strategies, has worked extensively with HHCC, Inc. in revamping our web presence. Prior to meeting Alex, HHCC had invested considerable time and money in developing a web site. Although this existing web site was pretty, it was not delivering the desired effect of generating more leads and business.

After reviewing Alex’s analysis of the logs of this existing site, we decided to scrap the old web site. Alex designed multiple new web sites that actually are found by search engines. Although our web domination project with Alex is in its infancy, we have already seen positive results.
I would recommend Internet Domination Strategies to anyone who wishes to bolster their web presence.



HHCC, Inc.

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