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Alex Gilmore started his career in computers and websites in 1987 at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Over the years he was employed by the United States Post Office where he served as a maintenance mechanic working on the mail processing machines. After leaving the Post Office he became self employed and started studying Search Engine Optmization and web site design. This continued until 2003 where he returned to get his bachelors degree in Marketing at Texas A&M Corpus Christi College of Business. During his time at TAMUCC he continued studying, and worked partime, SEO and Web Site design. With the tutelage of several key proffessors he honed his skills and ultimately graduating Cume Laude in May of 2005 with a Bachelors Degree majoring in Marketing. Dr. Karen Loveland started teaching online classes for Internet Marketing in the summer session of 2004 in which Alex Gilmore participated and ultimately inspired his passion in SEO and Web Site design.

The first of May 2007 he embarked on an internet strategy that proved extremely successful in lead acquisition and has been contracted to do the same for other businesses; this also has proved very successful. For this reason he now is bringing this internet service to you at a very reasonable price.

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