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It is amazing how many spam emails that are out there that guarentee the first page of Google or Yahoo for your website. It does not take any special skills to get on the first page of any search engine. What they are saying is they can get you there on a keyword that is most likely one that nobody searches. With Leisure Pools IDS identified 17 keyword phrases that they are most interested in. Getting position with all 17 for the three major search engines takes expert skill. Market Research is required to determine which keywords you are interested in so do not be fooled with all there promises.

Additionally you can realistically expect to be in the number one position on Google, Yahoo, or MSN for all. If you optimize for just one you turn your back on all the others so IDS optimizes websites so as to be on the first page and usually in the top seven positions.


Adwords are also beneficial for SEO however the big three will deny it. Search Engine Optimization is great for organic search but in my experience you also need to do a pay-per-click. Just do it for an obscure keyword phrase and set a monthly budget you can afford.

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