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IDS provides quality web site design that is done from your customers standpoint. This is critical for your website to be effective in not only getting clients but clients that are going to spend money on your abilities. Of all the websites on the internet only 2% is for businesses. Yes that means the internet is a perfect medium that is not being exploited by businesses. The reason for this is due to graphic designers. Since they are great at drawing with a computer program you get a very pretty site. However that site does nothing for you because of three reasons:

  1. It is not search engine optimized and as a result you are left to doing a pay-per-click campaign to get visitors.
  2. It is not designed to have a call to action to cause the surfer to fill out a lead, purchase your product, or call you on the phone.
  3. It is not user friendly and violates the three click rule. Never heard of that? That is because most graphic designers and IT professionals do not know what that is.

IDS is your website professional that understands and provides all of these for your website. That is right you do not have to get it designed and then take it to an optimizer just to shell out more money. Call Alex's staff to get your quote for a website that will work for you and not drain your bank account.

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