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What Has the Penguin Update Changed

Austin Search Engine Optimization

Ever since the Penguin update was named last April, Google only names them after they have rolled it out and is working in the manner they desire, many companies websites have been hit severely. The primary culprit is their link building and the inbound links. Most SEO professionals do not know this but what the Penguin update is targeting Google actually approved it back in 2004. Additionally they said they would never punish a website based on inbound links of low quality because they viewed this as a possible cyber attack by your competitors.

To mitigate the problem they now have created a disavow list. Apparently Google is wanting us to do their dirty work in submitting sites that will not bring the links down. Personally I do not want to do their dirty work so I have worked out a two three step plan.

I recently did this for a client that uses my Search Engine Optimization service in Austin. First you must retrieve the registration records for the website by using the links below as the records can be found through them.

Once you have their email address, phone number, and name of the administrator then you can email them asking for the removal of the link. Be sure to provide them with the url of the link. Also explain what Penguin has done and ask them to remove the link. Some will remove it quickly however the majority will want money to bring it down or not respond at all. Then call the phone number but after calling around 1000 they will not ever pick up the phone.

Then email them again and explain to them about their hosting agreement requires the websites on their servers to not use their website in a malicious manner; so threaten to got to their ISP and file a complaint. This step will most assuredly get results.