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When I was young my friends and I used to build quartermile dragsters. You ask how is building dragsters like SEO so I am going to tell you. To have the most horsepower out of a stock engine you needed to know how to do a lot of little things such as port polish and cc the heads, grind smooth all the rough areas of the interior engines parts including the block, balance the crank, balance the pistons rods and rings just to mention a few. SEO is much the same strategy adjusting a lot of little things with websites but with a twist the algorythms are always changing so what works one week might be less important the next.

My advantage is I have an enormous testing platform to identify the subtle changes and make adjustments to my websites to compensate that change. Additionally my team employs:

Note: External Link building strategies are labor intensive and are part of our long term plan. That being said it does take time to produce results however we do have long term relationships with other SEO strategists that make it easy for us to get hundreds of inbound relevant links in an extremely short period.

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