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I couldn't be more impressed.  I was in the sales office this morning typing in key words.  I did not have the list of key words in front of me but was just typing in words that I thought brides would use.  On every search on either Yahoo or Google we were on the front page no further than #5 and on most of the searches we were #1 or #2.

The strategy worked perfectly.

Thank you,

Thomas Porter

Marcus Sheridan River Pools and Spas

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Marcus Sheridan and I have been working with Alex Gilmore of Internet Domination Strategies/Leisure Pools USA for a little over 2 years now. Considering my business (River Pools and Spas) spent over $30,000 on Google Adwords annually in the past few years, our recent focus has been all about SEO, more leads, and less dependency on Adwords for said leads. Using suggestions and advice from Gilmore I have seen my leads from Search Marketing go from only 10%(of total leads, Adwords was 90%) to where it stands today at 60% (Adwords is now at 40%), and still improving. This has not only saved me thousands of dollars, but it has also increased my leads significantly. Also, as a swimming pool builder, I have always been dependant on creating my own leads, as manufacturers in the past gave our company very little lead support. Since working with Alex and his internet domination strategy set up for Leisure Pools, I am now getting over 10x the number of leads from the manufacturer (Leisure Pools) than I was getting before. This has also been a huge boost for our business, especially considering these economic times have spelled disaster for many pool companies. Between the SEO help on our website from Alex, as well as the lead generation he has implemented for Leisure, I can honestly say that he has one of the firmest grasps on website optimization and domination I’ve seen for business in all the industry, and I would strongly recommend other businesses to consider his services for their web success.

Marcus Sheridan
Co Owner, River Pools and Spas
Founder, PoolSchool

Enchanted Pools and Landscapes

Our first experience with Alex was through the Leisure Pools website. His work on that site was amazing-top notch. My wife and I finally met Alex down at the Leisure Pool headquarters. We both were so impressed on the websites that Alex had designed for Leisure Pools, that we asked him if he would design one for our company. He agreed and in a very short time designed a web site for our company that was more than we could have imagined. We have had many complements from our customers on how it looks and how easy it is to navigate around on the site. Thank you Alex for what you have done for our company.

David and Rhonda Purcell
Enchanted Pools and Landscapes

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HHCC Inc Experience

May 8, 2009

To Those who have an interest in Internet Marketing,

Alex Gilmore, of Internet Domination Strategies, has worked extensively with HHCC, Inc. in revamping our web presence. Prior to meeting Alex, HHCC had invested considerable time and money in developing a web site. Although this existing web site was pretty, it was not delivering the desired effect of generating more leads and business.

After reviewing Alex’s analysis of the logs of this existing site, we decided to scrap the old web site. Alex designed multiple new web sites that actually are found by search engines. Although our web domination project with Alex is in its infancy, we have already seen positive results.
I would recommend Internet Domination Strategies to anyone who wishes to bolster their web presence.



HHCC, Inc.