Vintage Villas contracted with us and their ten websites went active in early January 2009. Since then they have recieved 27 leads for weddings in Austin Texas. At the last time of my talking with Thomas Porter they were up 22% over the same time period in 2008. This strategy was not intended to be a market share increase but a market hold strategy. Certainly this is a phenominal result.

If you are in the wedding industry this strategy will perform at the same level.

Vintage Villas of Austin Experience


I couldn't be more impressed.  I was in the sales office this morning typing in key words.  I did not have the list of key words in front of me but was just typing in words that I thought brides would use.  On every search on either Yahoo or Google we were on the front page no further than #5 and on most of the searches we were #1 or #2.

The strategy worked perfectly.

Thank you,


Thomas Porter
General Manager

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