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Website Deposit $450 (total $875)

Additional Website Deposit $125 (total $250)

Hosting Monthly Fee $13.50

Billed For 3 Months $40.50

Domain Registration $17.50

Number of Domains

Email Setup Fee $25.00 Each (rate diminishes the emails setup)

Email Addresses
Email Adress Monthly Each $3.50
Email Address Number
Bi Annual Maintenance $45

Web Sites Internet Domination Strategies

IDS builds web sites in the latest style that is search engine friendly; critical for getting position on search engines. They understand all the relationships of web site performance. If you desire to own the domains and create an internet domination strategy for you area for different profit centers of your business IDS applies all their knowledge for you.

IDS will build individual web sites for your profit center, such as pool chemicals, to be first on a local search. These sites will employ search engine friendly CSS "Cascading Sheet Style" to be first on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. These style sheets can be ones we already have or contract to have a new template; of course this comes with a minimum cost of $1500.00.

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First Web Site for Profit Center
Each Additional Site of the same Profit Center
Each Site Hosting Monthly


Email Initial Setup Fee *
Email Address (Each) Monthly *
Domain Registration Each
Bi Annual Maintenance
* Not Required but is an extra

To pay for services with your credit card select the options in the left column. Domains will be registered by IDS and ICANN records will reflect as such. However under this plan all domains will be the property of the contracted business and will be transferred to other companies upon request. A $75 transfer fee will be charged for administrative work required to transfer the entire number of domains.

Note: Under other lead plans the contracted company has exclusivity for the profit center contracted for but this done not apply, to the above stated plan, except when contracted and a premium payment is negotiated.

Note: If exclusivity is not contracted then IDS will guarantee equal positioning with other lead domination plans if employed.

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